Queueing ToolPak 4.0

Queueing ToolPak 4.0
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Online Help File

Click here to access the online version of the help file.

Reporting of Bugs, Suggestions for improvement, Errata

I hope the ToolPak has few bugs, but as with any software, I am certain that it has some.  Please e-mail me at Armann.Ingolfsson@UAlberta.ca if you think you have found a bug, or if you have suggestions for improving the ToolPak.   If you discover a new bug I will list it below and eventually I will also fix it, I hope!  I might also offer to buy you a cup of coffee if we ever meet.  Oh, and you also get a free copy of the ToolPak---but then you get that regardless of whether you find a bug or not.

Bugs found in QTP 4.0: None, so far.

Templates, Tips, and Other Resources


If you have developed teaching materials that use QTP 4.0 that you are willing to share or if you have tips on how to use it, then e-mail me at Armann.Ingolfsson@UAlberta.ca to have them listed here.

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